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Eric Hansmann



I use paper stock for the route cards and placards on the models. Plain newsprint is cut into narrow strips about four inches wide. Small squares are cut from the strip and these are carefully placed on a small dot of canopy glue that has been applied to the model with a toothpick. I also use Post-it note material that is a buff or yellow shade.


For the partial cards, place a single edge razor blade at an angle over a short section. Place the blade flat on the cutting surface and pull the narrow paper strip up to tear the paper and leave a partial piece under the blade. I’ve noticed a variety of partial cards spread across wood sheathed cars. I model 1926 and much of the box car fleet will be wood sheathed, so there will be many partial cards on my models.


These details were inspired by Tony Thompson’s great blog posts on these details. After reading his latest few posts, I feel I should mark some with numbers or letters before cutting them from the paper strips. Here’s his latest piece on the route cards.


These are very easy details to add to models. As Tony points out in a few of his posts, steel cars had a specific route card holder along the sill so the cards would be restricted to those placement spots.


Eric Hansmann

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Great job Eric.  Could you explain what you use for route tags?  Do you just make them yourself?  Thanks


Chuck Cover

Santa Fe, NM

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