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Paul Hillman

Thanks Schuyler, ---- So THAT'S what they're from. Strange thing is many other hoppers & other cars show no signs of these markings, at least not in clearly visible areas. Either the other cars were ejected differently, or the Proto 2000 (and others) were ejected too soon when the plastic was still too soft ???
Paul Hillman

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They are caused by ejector pins. Moldings don’t automatically eject from the dies and have to be pushed out. I agree they can be a pain, especially in older dies where you can find flash standing normal to the surface, which has to be shaved off.


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Just a question here. Nothing we can do about it except fill them in but, why are there small circular holes or impressions in various plastic castings? They can't be for material-flow in the casting process ???

As example, I have several Proto 2000 War Emerg. hoppers (and other kits) with these holes in the interior slope sheets, etc. Will have to file/fill them in. Just curious. What are they really for? Would be nice if they weren't there.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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