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Richard Townsend

I support the grain rush hypothesis, or something like it. A couple of years ago I ran into a Colorado & Southern book listing "cars made ready" for various high class cargos on each day at Denver. There were 10 to 20 or more cars, many from foreign roads, cleaned and patched for loading with food and other items, including (surprisingly to me) feldspar loading.

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Yes, with one door temporarily “sealed”.  My impression of the grain rush was that almost any “tight”, “clean” car was very valuable.

The presence of the GN car also supports the grain rush hypothesis, and Gary’s comments could as well.  Why else would a foreign road car be getting interior repairs?  Usually the car would be sent home for that sort of thing, right?


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Would a double sliding door car be usable for grain at all?

Staffan Ehnbom

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The fourth car from the right is a double door Great Northern boxcar and both doors are open.  For grain doors, wouldn’t one door be closed? the fifth car with is door close, appears to have a steam cleaner or a large shop vac next to it.  The stack of thick boards closest to the camera suggests floor board and end board replacements.  
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You seem to have already made that "educated guess".  That's quite a string of a "dogs breakfast" of cars that all seem to be undergoing the same treatment as well.  The boards appear to be too short for interior sheathing as they would not be close to full height.
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This is a link to a photo from the Kansas State Historical Society:


It shows workmen engaged in some activity along a string of boxcars and racks of lumber spaced out along the cars. The caption notes that this is conditioning yard at Clovis, New Mexico.


My initial thoughts are that the cars are being prepared for grain doors or that car interiors are being refurbished. The lack of used, broken boards on the ground probably weights against refurbishing.


Can anyone make an educated guess as to what actually is the activity?




Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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