Fw: NYC boxcar

Clark Propst

Below is an inquiry I received. I’m hoping these cars, or something like them  ;  )) were built during the era of this list. Can anyone help Jason Klocke out on this?
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa
I have a Red Caboose 40ft DD Automobile boxcar.   It's a NYC car, jade green with a cigar band herald.  The # is 59075.
I am trying to bill it but I cannot find the series in the 1965 ORER.  
Do you know anyone who might know about these cars?   Possibly they were renumbered from another series?    I can't believe Red Caboose would make such an error
.....the car has a repaint date of 1963 on it, yet the series does not show in the OR ER of 1965.
Maybe an NYC modeler can help?
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