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Bruce Smith


That number is not in either series of NYC 90 ton depressed center flat cars.  499027 is lot 462-F, built by SSC in1923, one of five cars in the series NYC 499025-499029 and is a 45’ all steel depressed flat car with 68 ton capacity.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Exact car number is 499027.

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Hi Kevin,

I have an image of the car NYC 499000 - as called out in the title line of your email - the image is dated 1924.

While it is a heavy duty flat car, it is NOT a depressed center car.

You may need to nail down the exact number series you are asking about, or perhaps nail down the time frame. Have you checked in an appropriate era ORER to get the full number series?

Claus Schlund

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>Can anyone provide any info on the 90 ton depressed center cars on the NYC? I'm trying to find photos to show the data on the car. I have found a few photos but nothing I can make out clearly.
>Kevin Sprayberry 

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