Re: Prototype Collecting - John Houlihan's PFE Reefer

Tony Thompson

Bob Chaparro wrote:

Car Number:   PFE 7322
Class:              R-30-5
Built:                11-09
Rebuilt:            1-22

Immediately adjacent to the class designation stenciling of R-30-5 is “-11 ½”.  This additional stenciling is clearly evident in the photo and indicates a sub-class of the R-30-5 cars.

      Actually, the added "sub-class" stencil indicates the car was REBUILT to R-30-11-1/2 standards. As is evident in the PFE book, this means a new superstructure. The Westerfield R-30-5 kit would not strictly be appropriate, as it portrayed the car as originally built, not as rebuilt, though the general appearance is quite similar. One could leave off the Bohn ventilators in that kit, for example.

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