Re: DL&W yard and distant freight cars - 1911

Benjamin Hom

William Dale asked:
"What I found most interesting is the DL&W "Vehicle" box 4077 (4000-4099).  I dug out my oldest ORER from April 1930 and it is listed as a staggered door vehicle box with steel under frame with a height of 14'8'' to the top of the running board! That seems like quite a large piece of rolling stock for the day." 

It was very large for its day.  These monster cars were fairly rare, but 36 ft double-sheathed automobile/furniture cars were more numerous than you think.  Here are contemporary examples from PRR and NYC:

PRR Class XLC 

NYC Lot 247-B

"As there were only 3 left on the roster in April '30, this I'm sure would have been built 1890's?"

If it had a steel underframe, not 1890s, but more likely post-1905 unless it was rebuilt with one.

"Would this have had some kind of auto loader in it? This era is not my strongest, anyone possibly have an answer?"

No auto loader.  These didn't appear until the 1930s.

Ben Hom

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