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Rod Miller

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One last thing, by any means, the photo represents an "industry" to me. Any XM
car from any road.

For years/decades of wondering about photos showing reefers stuffing a siding
in a small town north of the Twin Cities on the area I am modeling, and no fruit
or vegetable concerns to be found. And after conferring with other NP experts on
this "phenomenon", and them adding nothing factual, I found a letter stating
that a small part (20' x 20') of a larger building was in use by a firm
coopering these reefers.

This "coopering" firm will be an industry I model. And even though this
industry could hold no more than the load of one boxcar, it can prototypically
serve many boxcars or in my case, reefers.


Repeating because this is a perfect industry for a model RR
and I want to make sure it doesn't get missed in the long

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