Re: DL&W yard and distant freight cars - 1911


Looking at the photo I noticed a "WORK CAR" in back of the 4-4-0 camelback.

Curious as to the "growth" on the roof of the car.  What was it used for?

Rich Ramik

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You stole my comment, Eric----

B&S 10001-10500  Pressed Steel Car Co.  1905-06 (B&O 139028-249)
B&S 10501-11250  Unknown builder  (Same B&O series)
B&S 12101-12600  PSCCo.  1907  (B&O 11601-12595)

All 41-9 IL cars with drop bottoms.  Did not last long past the B&S acquisition of 1932.

PS&N 9143 was from series 9100-9199, AC&F 1899, originally 100-199.  36-8 IL, 30 ton cars, note with Fox trucks.

Ah the old stuff----great times!

Mike Schleigh, Grove City, Penna.

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This collection is nearly pure gold andan amazing historical documentation of massive changes in Lackawanna Country.
Eric Hansmann
El Paso, TX

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What a fantastic picture! It captures the industrialization of America perfectly. The bucolic
scenery, and then a massive, brand new roundhouse and railroad yard. And youhave to love
that foot path from the roundhouse to the boarding house!!

And photographed from a CULM BANK ? A hundred foot tall pile of waste rock ??What a
lovely addition to the scenery! :-)

Tim O'Connor

The next couple of images are great! A Buffalo & Susquehanna steel gondolais featured. I didnt know the B&S had any steel gons.
And note a Shawmut box car is parked on the stores track to the right of theroundhouse.
Eric Hansmann
El Paso , TX

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