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Er...the picture was taken in 1911, while the Lackawanna electrification did not begin until 1926.
Some work was undertaken and the cars with the bins on the roof were identified as supply cars. So far this design has only shown up on the Lackawanna.
John C. La Rue, Jr.
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Looking at the photo I noticed a "WORK CAR" in back of the 4-4-0 camelback.

Curious as to the "growth" on the roof of the car.  What was it used for?

We've seen these in other of these DL&W photos. They remind me of "wire train" work cars, where the roofs of a whole string of cars were used as a platform to assemble the catenary. Catenary overhead had lots of parts, and each span, often close to 300 feet in length, needed to be assembled at one time, adding weight evenly so the messenger wire kept its catenary curve as the parts were assembled, so there were large bins on the car roofs to hold all the components. I know Scranton is too far west for the electrification, but there's a good chance that these cars were surplus from the last big wire construction project, and were just reassigned as tool cars around the system, without removing the rooftop bins.

Dennis Storzek

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