Re: What Are These Folks Doing?

Clark Propst

Dennis Storzek wrote: “I thought, while the RR was obligated to supply the grain doors, that the shipper was responsible for the labor to install them.”
I’ve been told the as a service to customers CNW had an ‘area’ centralized location to prepare cars for grain service. Maybe similar to this photo? – At least for a time.
A another friend told me he knew a guy that contracted with the Milwaukee to cooper box cars for grain loading at a given price pre car. Things went well, him buying and installing material for the harvest rush only to be left holding the bag one year because of a new shipment of covered hoppers that handled business . This same fella, who worked for the Milwaukee, also told of an elevator that would reject cars for miner issues, while another elevator down the line took anything they’d give them, so you know who got the most cars to load.
Hope to see many of you at Collinsville IL this weekend,
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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