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It looks to me like the cars are being papered for clean lading. This was a common practice on the Reading, not for grain, but for cocoa beans and bagged sugar, prior to the switch to covered hoppers for this traffic. As far as the clean out track being located close to the source of the traffic, even though the candy factories were located in Reading, Hershey and Lititz, the clean outs were done in Reading, at the old Spruce street freight house. This involved hauling up to 50 empty 40 FT. boxcars down through a street running industrial track, every Monday, and bringing them back up every night 8 or 10 at a time. To see some interesting photos of this branch, albeit mostly from the 60's, visit the Reading Modeler website, By the way, if you think fermenting grain smells nasty, rotten cocoa..........

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If you load a car with bulk feed, it becomes contaminated by the feed.  Feed is a protein, and it decays or rots with a strong smell that contaminates other lading.  Most RRs had cars assigned to bulk feed loading and many were stenciled as such on their sides.  I suspect that this was an effort to limit the number of boxcars that were contaminated.

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