Re: Nice image of PFE 744 express reefer

A&Y Dave in MD

Thanks. That is nice.  I like the open door so you can see the detail.


An aside: I’m just in Chapter 4 of Tony’s book (this is as good as or better writing and detail, and almost as comprehensive as Karig’s book on coal cars).


Which leads me to think that there should be a “freight car history beginners’ library” list somewhere. From my short experience on this list and my previous acquisitions, I’d include:


Whites’ books on freight car and passenger car in America

Karig’s Coal Car book

Culotta’s AAR 1932 boxcar and his Postwar Freight Car fleet books

Teichmuller’s book on Pennsy hoppers

Dow’s N&W hopper book

Thompson et al’s book on PFE reefers

Hendrickson et al’s Billboard reefers book

Kaminski’s tank car book (ACF)

Forgot author of Magor book (Kaminiski again?)


And the set of Freight Car Cyclopedias


That would get you started with a fairly comprehensive look at the US freight car fleet from its beginnings to about 1960.  For the most part I would leave off treatises on specific roads except where the cars were common across large regions or iconic.  I would refer the beginner to Ted Culotta’s  Essential Freight Car series articles if they can get those assembled to get the countrywide view, then refer them to a historical society for road specific info, like Tony’s SP series or the C&O HS’ recent books on their freight car roster.




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Hi List Members,

Nice image of PFE 744 express reefer.


Claus Schlund

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