Re: Nice image of PFE 744 express reefer

Dick Harley

To get back to the express reefer, that image shows a car with post-1931 lettering, after the ARE and REA lettering of those cars. Those reefers were rebuilt in 1954, and this image shows a car in the as-built configuration, with the wide facia board and the narrow passenger car style wood siding. Determining whether the lettering is gold leaf or Dulux Gold paint is hard to do from that photo scan, but that would also help date the photo.

For those interested, the CSRM Library has about 80% of the individual car cards (Form 120) for the 300 express reefer cars in the 500 to 799 series. I can't say if they have one for car #744. Those car cards record the shop histories of individual cars and when they were retired. They are a great resource for the super accurate period modeler.

Dick Harley
Laguna Beach, CA

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