Re: Accucals

Tim O'Connor


I have about 2/3 of a bottle left of Accu-set. You're welcome to 1/2 of
what is left (1/3 of a full bottle) because I won't use it all. It smells
a lot like his paint thinner! My guess is that Microscale products (Set
and Sol) are gentler.

George didn't use "Accupaint" to print his decals. He used custom mixes
of RPM (parent of Testors, and Floquil) product. That's what he told me,
at least*. I think your best bet is to mix your own colors to match the decals,
of whatever brand you prefer.

Tim O'

* If you think about it, since his paint is a lacquer and not an enamel, if
you tried to use it for decals, it would DISSOLVE (go into solution) when you
applied any solvent to it. So he had to use an enamel for the decals.

Seeking advice . . .
I have a substantial collection of Accucals, because the sets they did for ERIE diesels (which did haul Steam Era Freight Cars) are easily the best, most accurate decals made for that application.
However, Accucals and Accupaint are no longer in production (which will not shock any readers of this list).  The decal setting agent for these decals (which I think was called �Accuset�) isn�t available.  My experience with using other decal setting agents has been inconsistent.  Some work sometimes, some don�t sometimes, and it�s not, as best I can recall, consistent.  (Perhaps I should keep better records!)
So I am seeing advice:  Which decal setting agent if the best bet to use on these decals, Accucals (which are at least 20+ years old, BTW)?
In the particular application I am heading to right now, there�s not a lot of rivet detail to deal with, but there are a number of crevices around doors and so on.  And I have to try to match the ERIE yellow that Accupaint made to match* these decals.  If any of you have managed that, especially using Scalecoat (my paint of choice) I�d be very interested in that, too.
*The paint and decals matched perfectly because the paint was made with the same material as was used to make the decals.

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