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George didn't use "Accupaint" to print his decals. He used custom mixes
of RPM (parent of Testors, and Floquil) product. That's what he told me,
at least*. I think your best bet is to mix your own colors to match the decals,
of whatever brand you prefer.

Tim O'

* If you think about it, since his paint is a lacquer and not an enamel, if
you tried to use it for decals, it would DISSOLVE (go into solution) when you
applied any solvent to it. So he had to use an enamel for the decals.


RPM International is a multinational corporation with over 13,000 employees. They make thousands of products, of which Floquil and Testors are a minuscule part.

Most decals are printed with ink, and most inks are technically lacquers, since they dry without polymerizing. The "solvent" you use as a setting solution is a weak solvent for the carrier film, but not for the ink.

Dennis Storzek

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