Accucals - round two

Schuyler Larrabee

Thanks for the replies, guys.  And I thank Tim O’C for his offer.


And I know that Tru Color is “the same thing” as Accupaint was.  Here’s the issue with that.  I was NEVER able to get Accupaint to work for me.  Not sure what it was but it just didn’t want to work when I tried (multiple times) to use it.  I have not checked, but I’m betting that Tru Color has an ERIE (or perhaps EL) yellow or Dulux Gold.  Maybe I’ll end up there.  Craig Zeni tells me that there’s no compatibility problem between Tru Color and Scalecoat 1.


But I really prefer Scalecoat 1 over any other paint on brass, and this is on brass.  I’ve already primed these with Scalecoat EL gray, so that’s the base I have to deal with.  That’s why I asked if anyone else has tried to match the decals with Scalecoat 1.  It turns out that Reefer Yellow is very very close . . . in some lighting.  And not in other conditions.


Any further thoughts on this?




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