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>Seeking advice . . . 

>I have a substantial collection of Accucals, because the sets they did for ERIE diesels (which did haul Steam Era Freight Cars) are easily the best, most accurate decals made for that application.

>However, Accucals and Accupaint are no longer in production (which will not shock any readers of this list). The decal setting agent for these decals (which I think was called �ccuset� isn� available. My experience with using other decal setting agents has been inconsistent. Some work sometimes, some don� sometimes, and it� not, as best I can recall, consistent. (Perhaps I should keep better records!)

>So I am seeing advice: Which decal setting agent if the best bet to use on these decals, Accucals (which are at least 20+ years old, BTW)?

>In the particular application I am heading to right now, there� not a lot of rivet detail to deal with, but there are a number of crevices around doors and so on. And I have to try to match the ERIE yellow that Accupaint made to match* these decals. If any of you have managed that, especially using Scalecoat (my paint of choice) I� be very interested in that, too.<  
    Not sure who wrote this originally as it was missed. However I've been using Accu-cals that are quite a bit older than twenty years for over a week now to finish a project. They MUST be coated with Dullcoat or some similar coating first or they will in all likelihood disintegrate. I put them down using Micro-sol, letting them dry and then giving them more Micro-sol. If that doesn't seem strong enough they will then be treated with Walthers Solvaset, which I find to be a strong solvent.
Cordially, Don Valentine

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