Re: New Photos at Bob's

Tim O'Connor

The Jim Parker photos on Fallen Flags are exactly the same pictures
that Bill and I and others receive in daily postings from that collection,
except that Fallen Flags reduces their SIZE significantly and then adds
very lossy compression to them. Very poor quality IMO. :-(

There used to be a folder on the MFCL with lots of high quality, full size
Jim Parker shots in it. I believe there are also many of the shots that can
be found on Flickr.

Tim O'Connor

Bill Welch wrote:

-->"It appears that Bob's has accessed J. Parker's photos based on the silver & black Georgia USRA rebuild photo I purchased. Mr. Parker is from Canada and sends out to some of us a daily message w/8-10 photos daily with occasional photos of interest to our time period. I also purchased a few other freight car photos that looked like they were printed in the same batch as above that I did not have."<--

It is true that Bob's has some of the Jim Parker photo collection.  If anyone is not familiar with it, the Jim Parker collection has been posted on fallen flags and is still being updated almost every day.  If you want to see the newest scans, click on "New Material" at the link above.  Otherwise, search for your favorite railroad at that same link (scroll down).  As you click through links, if it says Jim Parker collection, it MIGHT be one of his shots from the 1950s.  Many photos were taken in Ontario and New York state.

The quality of the 8x10 prints at Bob's is very good and frankly blows away the quality of the stuff online.  Better exposures, less contrasty, and of course higher resolution.  You guys will want to check these out at Naperville, Cocoa, and/or Springfield.

The only issue is that Bob said he had access to only a small fraction of the collection and it sounded like the source was not Mr. Parker himself.

David Lehlbach

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