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I bought all available versions of the R70-2, which include three different paint schemes. (Actually I think that the decals are the only difference at all.) Does the Microscale decal sheet(s) allow for every known paint scheme for these cars?
Many thanks for your advice
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Tim & All,

The lettering and shape of the 1946 version of the UP medallion from Champ is way off the mark. The medallions on Microscale's current version of 87-414 are vastly superior. There are some minor flaws in the rest of that sheet, but the medallions are pretty darn good.

And now that the word is public knowledge, there is a new book coming in the next month from the SPH&TS on SP and PFE freight car painting and lettering. The title focuses on the SP, but over 40% of the book is about PFE. And yes, I do have a biased opinion.

Dick Harley
Laguna Beach, CA

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