Re: Ultrasonic cleaning

Michael Watnoski

Hi Bill,

Just use a zip lock bag. Fill it with the
cleaning solution and place it in the tank filled
with water. The energy will be transferred thru
the water to cleaner and you will use less cleaner
and be able to recover more of it.

Never put the cleaner in the tank directly if you
can avoid it. Place it in a container setting in
water in the tank. You don't want to contaminate
your tank and it is easier to remove the container
for cleaning. You can size the container to the
parts you want to clean.


On 8/18/2016 11:20 PM,
[STMFC] wrote:

Hey all you painters out there. I have a question
re the unltrasonic cleaning facility. I'd like to
hastily make up a number of bags for smaller parts
to immurse in the cleaning tank. I'm thinking net
material but then wondering if nylon window screen
material would work. Any thoughts appreciated!

Bill Baker

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