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Moving that store with those displays with minimal downtime would have been a bear. 

As a former bed bug driver and someone who has since partaken in a couple of industrial moves, I would not have wanted to do it. 

It may have factored in as just another problem too much when you are close to opting out anyways. 

I wish them the best but I am still sad. I went there every time I was in Denver, usually just to look. But I always ended up walking out with something and wondering how that happened. The last time I took a friend to show him the displays. He could not believe what he was seeing.
Colin Riley

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Your last paragraph pretty much sums up what I have been thinking, he was not going to stay in that location as the property was bought by a developer. I believe his decision not to move to another location was based on the fact that he probably would have retired in a few years anyhow as well. Running a brick-and-mortar hobby shop is a rather expensive undertaking these days, as already mentioned for very little profit margin.

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The Denver Post has a major article on Caboose Hobbies' closing:

I gather the notice to vacate was unexpected, and commercial marijuana growing businesses have taken most of the available warehouse space off the market, and priced the remainder too high for a large area but relatively low revenue operation like a hobby shop.

The article focuses on the increasing age of Caboose Hobbies' customer base, and the lack of younger people entering the hobby. It looks like Duane Miller wanted to continue, but his age, the lack of an affordable alternative location, and what he saw as declining business, made him decide to pack it in.

Too bad.....

Tom Madden

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