Re: New Resin Car Works kit

Tom Madden

As Steve and Eric have posted, same prototype, but better, more accurate and easier to assemble model.

Franks tank patterns for the four X3 variations (and the GATC circumferentially riveted tank) were never in Sunshine's possession. When Sunshine folded I sent the four X3 patterns back to Frank. He reworked the 10K pattern to make the dome part of the tank casting, spotted the end handrail mounting holes, and added alignment markers on the tank sides to guide the modeler in drilling handrail posts mounting holes through the tank hold down straps. Frank also made a new frame pattern, top & bottom views shown here:

The four nubbins at the ends of the bolsters in the top view, and the ones on the outer ends of the frames, are from casting vents and need to be removed by the modeler. There is so little flash, and what there is is so thin, that I just scrub each frame with a stiff brush and it flakes off. Makes it easier to pack.

Doing a 10K with the smaller dome would require an entirely new tank pattern.

Tom Madden

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