Re: 10 Boxcar Recommendations for 1955

Jim Mischke

Several thoughts.

-  If your layout is a switching railroad, consider more than just one UP boxcar.   The originating road was responsible for fetching cars to load.  It was common and desirable to use other railroads' boxcars to get a backhaul on an otherwise empty return trip; yet the majority of available empty boxcars would be UP.

-  Suggestions would be a UP Kadee PS-1 boxcar, an InterMountain 1937 AAR boxcar in UP, and an Accurail UP 1944 AAR standard boxcar if you do not mind some cast on hand grabs.  The latter two are nice yet inexact stand-ins.

-  B&O started to letter their boxcars such as wagontops with a large billboard "B&O" on the left side in 1955, such cars would not be common in the first year.   ExactRail wagontop models have the early Tatum XLT plain door, not an aftermarket Youngstown door.   A good paint for this car without having dinosaur lettering would be the early 13 great states scheme (applied 1945-1946) with (1) linking 13 states herald on the right, (2) "Baltimore and Ohio" spelled out as reporting mark (no small B&O) on the left, (3) oxide red or freight car brown paint is fine.

-  D&RGW boxcars would be in evidence.  Their signature boxcar would be a Pressed Steel Car lightweight boxcar distinctive for its straight side sill with no tabs.  D&RGW "Cookie Box" slogan cars would not be so common, stick with plain lettering.  Sunshine made resin kits of these, not RTR.

-  CB&Q's common boxcar was their XM-32.  Sunshine made these in resin, I believe, not RTR.

-  C&NW is another chance to take advantage of Kadee's PS-1 offerings

-   Stick with 40' boxcars for two reasons: in 1955 the 50-footers had not begun to dominate, and 50-footers make a small layout look even smaller.

Take what you need and leave the rest.   I hope there is some takaway though that adds fun and authenticity to your concept.

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I am going to model a Union Pacific branch line in Utah in 1955.  It's going to be a small switching layout so I don't need a lot.  I would like to purchase 10 boxcars that are high quality, RTR, and accurate!!  Any thoughts on filling out this list that will give it a nice western feel?  Thanks.


1.  UP - ?

2. PRR - Red Caboose X29

3. MILW - Exactrail ribside

4. B&O - Exactrail round roof

5. SP - ?

6. ATSF - ?

7. SOU - ?

8. CB&Q - ?

9. CNW - ?

10.  What other roadname? 

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