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Patrick Wade

Photo 11 appears to have the Barstow Harvey House, Casa del Desierto, in the background. Great photos. Thank you.

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Did the War Production board control a fleet of flat cars from various railroad, but independent of the railroads?  The PM was allocated 70-ton flat cars during the war . . supposedly to ship armored vehicles out of Detroit and Flint.  The LVTs where built elsewhere . . . but were on PM flat cars.

Al Kresse

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Thanks to Tim O’Conner who pointed me to this Facebook page

A set of 31 photos apparently taken in 1945 by Walter Sanders and apparently part of the LIFE Collections... although I can’t seem to find them anywhere else on line.

These appear to be on the AT&SF.  There are a wide range of cargoes including trucks, trailers, LVTs, LCVP, jeeps, construction equipment, M7s and M32s.  A gold mine of late WWII loading practices.

Also lots of interesting freight cars including a PRR FGRA flat, NYC, PM, WLE, C&NW, and a number “Harriman” style flats, a Reading gondola and my favorite Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Northern flat #4008.



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