Re: F&C Hopper Bottom Boxcar


"The F&C kit is a disappointment after building a slew of Sunshine and Westerfield kits."  Ha!!  Ya think??

Actually, F&C is actually better for those who have built resin before, so you've gone about this the right way.  The kits can often be bought in 2-for-the-price-of-1 packs at shows, so make good choices for those of us with less money but want detailed rolling stock.  I went about it the wrong way, working on these kits first because they were cheaper, being stymied by their "instructions" before I had much experience.  Actually... there has been some improvement in some of their more recent kits, I don't know if they have updated any of their old instructions, but I doubt it.  I was able to build an O&W wood hopper (no thanks to the instructions), but I would not recommend that unless you have better than average skills at figuring out how things go together.  And, who knows, I could have done something wrong, got the angle of the hoppers off or something... I haven't seen anyone else's to compare it to.

Dean Payne

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