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Hello Dick,
lots of thanks for your great and truly informative and complete reply! I have had some troubleful days, so I apologize for the delay.
I saved your posting and definitely will use it for painting the models.
Thanks again and kind regards
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Hello Johannes,
You asked: "Does the Microscale decal sheet(s) allow for every known paint scheme for these cars?"
The short answer is no.  The more involved answer to the first part of your question is that Microscale's 2-sheet set 87-501 for 1950s lettering has the most accurate lettering I know (and yes, I drew it), but it does not have class, CAPY or dimensional data for 50-ft cars.  Doing a minical for those cars has been discussed, but the research is not done.  Microscale's 87-414 sheet for 1946-1950 lettering has good medallions, but much of the other lettering is not correctly sized and spaced.  Redrawing that sheet is high on my list, but it too needs research to get all the CAPY and dimensional data correct.  Microscale's MC-4021 minical has very good medallions for the 1936 and 1942 UP medallions, but the other lettering is very under-sized.  
As for "every known paint scheme for these cars," that covers a lot of ground, which you need the new book to fully understand.  Here is a condensed list of R-70-2 paint and lettering schemes:
1932 (as-built) - metal medallions, possibly (what the drawing says) black roof, no exterior dimensions
1936 - stenciled 1936 UP medallion without "System", add exterior dimensions to dimen. block, possible red roof
1938 - add double rectangle repack stencil, probable red roof
1942 - UP medallion without banner
1946 - UP 45" medallion, both medallions on each side (SP toward door)
1947 - remove LBS., FT. and IN.; re-space CAPY data
1948 - orange hardware on sides
1950 (reconditioned) - UP B&W medallion with RR  (SP toward door)
1951 - all orange sides, remove periods, SP medallion toward B-end
1952 - remove 1-inch horizontal bars from reporting marks
The decals included with the three Sunshine kit versions are the same except for the UP medallion.  The Microscale medallions are better.  The lettering on the included decals is a bit compressed.  The immediate solution for the best lettering is to use Microscale 87-501 (2 sheet set) as much as possible - one set does six cars.  Use Microscale 87-414 for the 1946 UP medallions - one sheet does 4 cars.  Use Microscale MC-4021 for either the 1936 or 1942 UP medallion - one each per sheet.  Use the CAPY and Dimen. data from the included decals, unless you want to piece together better lettering from 87-501.
FYI, Bob's Photo has a 1955 shot of a plywood sided R-70-2 (#200056) with 1952 style lettering - his photo #FPFE-14.
And BTW, the extra metal pieces added at the body bolster area were to add strength and stiffness and prevent cracking.  The photo on page 124 of the PFE book shows a larger version on a pre-recondtioning car.  The photo on page 125 shows a smaller version on a reconditioned car (maybe the larger version was more than needed).  Tony T. probably knows more about those than I do.
Hope this helps,
Dick Harley
Laguna Beach,  CA


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