Re: Postal Issues, was: Yarmouth eye bolts/etched caboose ladders

Todd Sullivan

Like many of you, I've had bad experiences with the PO on most of the points made in the previous posts.  I now mark every package I send "FRAGILE" in big red letters and circled with a black marker on at least 4 sides of the package.  All flat items get marked "DO NOT BEND" on both sides in big letters.  Everything gets tracked and most packages get insured.

I also have switched to a secure post box at work (I have that luxury, thankfully) for the delivery of all parcels to avoid them being stolen off my apartment doorstep.  If you don't have a secure receiving point at work, you might consider a P.O. Box at your local P.O. - it might be cheaper than losing all that good merchandise.  For UPS and FedEx shipments, I have them delivered to my work address, and if that's not possible, I have them held at the local UPS or FedEx warehouse where I can pick them up.

I know the delivery services - all of them - should be better than this, but, since they aren't consistently capable of ensuring that the package gets to the addressee securely, I have tried to defend myself, so to speak. 

Todd Sullivan

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