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A little search for my time frame (1934) and my geography (east coast) reveals the “Minerals Handbook of 1935” with statistics and facts like: a little less than half of the asphalt petroleum was refined on the east and Gulf coasts using foreign crude from Venezuela, Mexico, and Columbia. Ninety-three percent of the asphalt refined on the east coast was from foreign crude. So east coast refineries were served by which tank car lines?


A quote from that handbook: “The tonnage of asphalt (natural, byproduct, or petroleum) terminated by class I railroads in the United States increased 14.6 percent from 2,407,553 short tons in 1933 to 2,757,897 tons in 1934-according to statistics of the Interstate Commerce Commission. Eighty-four percent of the road oil sold in 1933 and 79 percent of that sold in 1934 came from four refining districts-the East coast district, the Indiana-Illinois-Kentucky district, the Oklahoma-Kansas-Missouri district and the California district.”


I bet many lines had insulated tank cars that carried asphalt.


Standard Oil of Indiana was advertising it:


What would a Standard Oil tank insulated tank car look like at that time?





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Well Tony, you just gave me a nice project to get underway!  Is Western Asphalt the only line this project would apply to or are there other asphalt suppliers?  Jerry Michels

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