B&O/BR&P composite gondola available as resin kit from B&OHS

Jim Mischke

The B&OHS has a new exclusive custom resin kit available, the B&O O-48 composite gondola inherited from BR&P.  

link: Company Store

This resin and wood kit is designed and produced by STMFC list member Chad Boas, with added Tichy parts.   B&O decals and BR&P decals are available separately.  Researched by Jim Mischke and Bob Witt who spent a long research Wednesday in Ted Anderson's baggage car full of drawings at IRM, ten years ago.

The 3rd Quarter, 2016 edition of The Sentinel , the B&OHS magazine, has an O48 photo study with ten photographs for study and inspiration.

Although the last two O-48 were withdrawn from service by 1954, about 300 gondolas were reassigned to company service, mostly in the X-700 to X-999 series.  These lasted into the 1970's, thus this gondola is appropriate for modeling eras 1914-1975.

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