Re: Adhesive for Gondola Clutter?

Charles Peck

Has anyone tried staining white glue?  Such as adding 25% rust colored acrylic paint to the glue
and getting rust colored glue? Would it work? Any useful results? More paint or less paint?
I was just thinking that might be great stuff to use under trash.
Chuck Peck in Acadia N.P.

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A long time ago, I littered up a gon. I put in some 4x4s across the floor of the gon, and then dropped in a few other pieces of 4x4. I then went out to the street and picked up some sand and crud from the gutter, brought it back in and used that for making a mess. Before I put any of this in, I painted the floor of the gon with some very diluted white glue. The glue ended up invisible with all the other stuff in there.


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Gondolas are seldom completely cleaned, and the empties often run with dunnage, coal, metal scrap, aggregates, etc. leftover from a previous load. I can of course run the car with this stuff loose in the bottom, but I'd rather find a way to secure it. I've tried various experiments, but they either don't adhere the material well, or dry with some gloss or a bit of color change. For example, Woodland Scenics scenic cement dried with a slight gloss and a whitish cast.

Any suggestions re what might work in this application?


Bob Chapman

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