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A&Y Dave in MD

That is a great article!  I just finished it.  I’m surprised you didn’t mention the 6” Quick Grips clamps (by Irwin, though there are competitors).  I have found these to be everything that I had hoped the brass bar clamps would be.  They can be operated with one hand, they are relatively sensitive in tightening, and they have nice rubber pads on the jaws for a softer touch.  I use these to hold on a roof while gluing, to hold sheet lead down flat to the floor while the Canopy glue is drying, and they are big enough I can clamp something to my workbench to hold it upright.  I had a set of four before our fire, and only one survived.




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I talked about the clamps I use in my article on clamps, etc. which was in the March 2014 issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist which is still available on line:

Jack Burgess

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As I was clamping the underframe of my Chad Boas NKP composite gondola to a nice piece of steel with my X-Acto plastic clamps to straighten it, I found myself wondering what other clamps are out there that I don't know about. I also have a couple of small metal C-clamps and two hemostats (that I use ALL of the time). I cam curious if my fellow modelers have any nifty items they want to suggest.

Links will be appreciated. Thank you.

Bill Welch

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