Covered Hopper Roof photo posted

tgmadden <tgmadden@...>

I've just uploaded a photo of the Bangor, PA yards of the DL&W taken on
Columbus Day 1961. It's at Like
the NYC tank car - box car - Pullman photo, this is a big one at just over 1
Meg, so you can see the details.

It was taken from a bridge at the South end of the facility, and in the
lower left foreground there is a string of covered hoppers. The first one
has a metal running board, and the second has wood. Sorry I don't have road
name or number info on those cars. There are a couple of DL&W cabooses also
in the shot, an LV box car, and along the upper left edge a couple of gons
with cement containers. The bridge from where I took the photo is still
there, but everything else with the exception of a few foundations is long

I used Ektachrome in an Argus C-44, and the color balance, which had shifted
considerably toward red, was restored somewhat in PhotoShop. I'll keep
rummaging through my late '50s - early '60s photos to see what I find. At
the time I used my Nikon F for B&W and the Argus for color slides.

Tom Madden


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