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Misc Clark

Hi all - I have it as an X31F... and I have several X31B pix with that roof line...
Clark Cone

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I have not found the correspondence on this one yet. There were several experiments on X31 class cars over the years, particularly on roofs. I am pretty sure most of the roof experiments were to look into curing the leaky roof problem they had with lap seam roofs like the X29's and X31's had, but I still need to find the proof. There was even a removable roof version of the X31. Some experiments resulted in groups of cars in special service (like coil shipment), I will let you know when I find more.

Elden Gatwood

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Another one from Hagley. I don't recall ever seeing a PRR round roof with reinforcing panels.

Does anyone have additional information?

Bob Witt


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