Mather boxcar prototypes

Jim Mischke

At one recent RPM, I found a FtDDM&S P2K Mather boxcar and lept at the chance to get one. Once in hand, some research evaporated my enthusiasm.  Turns out there were only ten such FtDDM&S boxcars, popularized by a widely published photo of the 14007.  These were leased from Mather only during about 1956-58.   The model is a wrong height for FtDDM&S.   So I have two points to bring to the list's consideration.

-  I understand that there were three different heights for the family of Mather single sheath boxcar designs.  What roadnames are good for the P2K model?    Did any such roadnames last until 1960 and beyond?

-  I may have a surplus FtDDM&S P2K Mather boxcar available.  Contact me off list if you would be interested.

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