Re: M&StL LT 70001 GATC "Dri-Flow" tank car

Tim O'Connor

Were the Dry Flow tank cars listed as tank cars, or special "L" cars (e.g. LO - the familiar "covered hopper")

I have seen other pictures of similar "tank car" bodies on cars designed to carry dry cargo.

Tim O'Connor

not on Jan 1940

Rich Orr

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From: Tony Thompson tony@... [STMFC]

In November 1936 the M&StL leased one GATC "Dri-Flow" tank car which was marked M&StL 70001.  It came onto the M&StL as GATX 34000 and was remarked by M&StL.  We have found this car listed in 1937, 1938, and 1939 ORERs.  Would anyone with a 1940 or 1941 ORER please look for M&StL LT 70001 and if found, let us know which month and year.  A copy of page is not needed.  We are just trying to determine when the lease ended.  We checked  January 1942 ORER and it was not listed.

       This car number is not listed in the April 1940 ORER. There is a covered hopper number series starting with 70003 (odd numbers only).

Tony Thompson

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