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Ed Hawkins

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The current project is the upgrade of six Athearn and Accurail open top hoppers, four MILWAUKEE, one SOO LINE and two MINNEAPOLIS & ST LOUIS, to what I call the "Kadee Standard." The upgrade which includes wire grabs, brake wheel, retainer valve and line, train line, etc., I was able to complete the MILWAUKEE and SOO LINE hoppers as I was able to find photos to complete; however, I have had no success finding a photo for the M&STL hoppers.  The M&STL hoppers are USRA 5th Ave Car Shops plastic kits painted, lettered and numbered correctly 65243 and 65287 for series 65001 to 65355, odd only, delivered in 1943. The small data sheet states the hoppers were acquired from Westmoreland Coal Company via Hyman- Michaels.  The best photo I could find was on RR Picture Archieves of hopper 63537  which is similar in design; however, I can not be sure if same hand brake, retainer valve location, and uncoupling lever type remained the same for the 65001 to 65355 series. So photo help needed.   BTW the photo I found can be viewed at 

Thank you for your time and effort to help in advance.   Lester Breuer

The 1956 M&StL freight car diagrams denote that 65001-65355 (odd) were built by Pressed Steel Car Co. in 1920-1921. It also specifies that at the time 12 cars remained in service. The diagram further states the hand brake as “A.A.R. Std.” and trucks as “Bettendorf.” From the photo described below, the trucks are an A.R.A./A.A.R. integral-journal design with spring planks. Wheels appear to be steel. 

Regarding photos, I have one of M&StL 65327 purchased many years ago from Jay Williams. This photo shows a build date of 3-21, HEG. 7-43 reweigh, and HEG. 7-10-43 repack by “HMC” for the Hyman-Michaels Co. The paint & stencils are fresh, so the photo date would have likely been soon after July10, 1943. The photo showing the right side of the car is a 3/4-A end view such that the hand brake and retainer line are not visible. 

Perhaps resident M&StL historians Gene Green and Clark Propst may have additional information and/or photos.
Ed Hawkins

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