Re: May 24th, 1918

Scott H. Haycock

I think this is a RIP track.  The NYC car, and the next one further on both appear to be missing a wheelset from the trucks nearest the camera. The fifth car down looks like a Flat car seriously overloaded! The wagon of sacked goods may be part of a load removed from a car in need of repair.

The NYC car's furthest truck appears to have an axle with the journal boxes on the axle, but either hasn't be bolted to the sideframe, or has just been unbolted. Look at the trucks on the cars on the right hand track to see how the journal boxes are bolted to the sideframes.

The wagons may be being used to move goods from B.O. cars to the cars on the right hand track.

Also note the piles of material on the ground . This track may have served as a clean-out track, as well.

Another interesting thing: Look at the bottom of the photo to see haw this area was paved with bricks, or stones.

Scott Haycock  


And what appears to be Fox trucks.  But what is that on the next car (NYC).  Appears to be a truck with one wheel between the cars.  Also it has one spring????????????

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