Re: Reflecting mid-1920s freight car lettering


Hi Eric,

     What do you do about the fact that with one look at iyour Reading boxcar it is
easy to see that two different sets of lettering were used, that from F&C being
considerably more "white". Will careful weathering conceal such differences?
Since Athearn "Blue Box" days I have used a sharp knife blade and a fine tipped 
brush with the appropriate color of paint to change the digits in car numbers 
when more than one of the same car was desired. In this case there was so
little that was changed it was easy to conceal. I wonder about that with about
half the lettering coming from one source and the other half from another and
one appearing to be so much brighter than the other. The cars are a great
addition to any fleet if that issue can be overcome.

Cordially, Don Valentine


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