Re: Photo help for M&STL hoppers

Jack Mullen

Lester and group,

Clark's article covering these and other M&StL hoppers is in Vol.4, no.3 of CNWHS Modeler. While that issue is no longer a free download, Vol.4 can be purchased on a CD from the CNWHS store.


Cleark's article includes a photo of 65327, an A end 3/4 view. That doesn't resolve the brake question, but does show that the car has Carmer uncoupling levers. The photo also shows that the end posts are the post-USRA channels riveted to the faces of end sill and end sheet.

Clark's article is supplemented with car diagrams and car cards from CNWHS archives.which do confirm that the hand brake is a horizontal wheel, 11' 8 1/2" height above rail, and the cars have AB brakes.

Thanks, Clark (and the others who helped provide the info in these articles.) Not bad for somebody who says he isn't a hopper guy.

Jack Mullen 

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