Music to Model By


I hope to work on some resin kits once summer gets in full
swing around here. (That is the required STMFC content.)
Now, for those of you on the list whose model RR empires are set in the
WWII years go to this site:

This is the website for, a web-based broadcasting service. You
should see something on your screen saying something like "HORRIDO! A
service of Jadgeschwader 52". Click on the yellow and black loudspeaker on
the left side. (You may have to install a player like Winamp.) When you
click on the speaker, you will be able to listen to broadcasts of WWII era
radio shows. Great to build resin kits to, or just add some great
atmosphere to that wartime layout. they supposedly have some way you can
broadcast it from your PC to your stereo. I've been getting news updates,
war bond commercials, and Axis Sally & Tokyo Rose have even faded in and out
a little here and there this morning. Gotta go, Bye-bye and BUY those War

Warren Dickinson

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