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hubert mask

GSC flats were unique.  The rock island had two groups with roller bearings and journal bearings. They had some with high bulkheads and low bulk heads but a nice size fleet.  

I offer the decal set with Rick island reporting marks but the data is general for length and Capy. Sets are in white 

Set number 110.  

Hubert Mask

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1) I have seen Barber S-2's, ACF 70-tons and others on these cars.

2) Much from the Pacific Northwest, but other sources, too, including local/regional, like Appalachia. Depends on what kind of lumber.

3) Keep in mind that these cars were brand-new in your timeframe. I used to see Wabash GSC flats in lumber service; UP; PRR had a bulkhead flat in that service, class F41A, but it had PRR-unique bulkheads.

4) I do not know of any source for decals for those flat cars other than Tichy.

The deck detail on the Tichy car is rather shallow. You can make the detail pop out by judicious use of a sharp blade.

Elden Gatwood

I have a Tichy 52'-6" GSC flatcar that I want to use to haul lumber to a lumber dealer on my HO 1956 B&O Shenandoah Sub-division. The line is located in NE WV and north Virginia. Some questions:

1) what trucks would be appropriate?

2) what would be some origins for the lumber?

3) what railroad's flarcars would most likey to have been used to carry the lumber?

4) what decals would be appropriate for the cars in #4?


Fran Giacoma

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