Re: Custom Laser Cutting?

Bill Schneider

Well, I can answer the FIRST question…. Because Branchline didn’t yet have the lasers when they made those cars… ;>) The idea was that you cut the styrene out at the edge of the printed circle. Try curved scissors. Seriously.


Bill Schneider


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Typically I prefer to purchase undecorated kits but a few years ago Branchline offered their kit #1027 NP 50-foot boxcar in a very attractive scheme with a round plate on the door to ID it as a "DF" car. Frustratingly BL provided this plate printed on square styrene leaving it to the modeler to sort out how to fabricate the circular plate. Branchline offered Laser Cut structures, why couldn't THEY laser cut the styrene?!


Recently I have been sorting through my Branchline kits and it occurred to me maybe there are people out there with laser cutters that will do a custom job. Maybe some of them are even on this list. Can anyone this list help me out or know of someone that will do a very small custom job for me?

Bill Welch

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