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Dave Sarther


I encourage you to look for Burlington Bulletin #12  (BRHS 1984) which is about all Burlington refrigerator cars.  You can find that issue of the Bulletin  listed and for sale on the Burlington Route Historical Society site at .

You can find a link to past Bulletins that are for purchase there.  I believe that reprints of Bulletin 12 are $7.00 each from the Society.  That Bullewtin has lots of photos and some rosters of refer cars owned by the CB&Q,C&S and FW&D.

Later,  Dave Sarther,   Tucson, AZ

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I don't think so. I have 13 photos of FGEX and WFEX 40 foot reefers in
the early to mid 1960's and a couple appear to have yellow roofs but all
of them also appear to have been repainted and relettered in this time
period. On some the silver roof is obvious and on some you can see yellow
overspray from the sides obscuring the side view of the silver roof.

Tim O'Connor

I'm weathering some BREX and WFE ice reefers in my heap to reflect service in the early to mid '60s.  If memory serves all repaints by that time got silver roofs.  (Same as FGE?)  Would older paint jobs have gotten a silver roof without repainting the whole car?


Scott Chatfield

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