Color of B&M flat cars - Sunshine Kit 45.7

Marty McGuirk

I’m working on a Sunshine models kit for the B&M 42-foot flatcar - (their kit 45.7).
The Sunshine instructions indicate the cars were painted “Freight car red” - I’ve built enough of these kits over the years to know that’s code for “We don’t have a specific color.”

There are pictures of B&M flatcars in color in Sweetland and Horsley "Color Guide to Northern New England Freight and Passenger Equipment” - page 35 ( top of the page) shows the car in question. The car in that photo looks black to me - there’s another flatcar (different class) on the previous page where some red is visible on the side sill that could be a patch… or it could be a red car that’s gotten very, very dirty….
So, the question is for the mid-1950s era would the basic color of the car be black or red?

Appreciate any and all input.



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