Re: Color of B&M flat cars - Sunshine Kit 45.7

Tim O'Connor


there's also a very active B&M group on Facebook and they post LOTS
of excellent pictures and seem to know a great deal about the B&M.

But my guess for the color also would be black, just like B&M gondolas
and open hoppers in this era.

Tim O'


I have the same kit, and have long wondered how Martin deduced that the 1923-built B&M flats arrived in FCR. The builder's photos from the Cycs and a 1924 Railway Age piece are all ambiguous to my eye. Even if they appear lighter than "straight" black, I have grown wary of BPs generally as there are hints that they were sometimes staged in a faux color to enhance details.

Rightly or wrongly, I am painting mine black, and I model 1934. In part, I can justify this based on the lettering makeover that would have occurred in the late 1920s. The one relevant in-service pic that I have seen doesn't contradict this (nor does it fully validate it). As always, YMMV.

You might want to also post this query to the B&M Yahoo group. Perhaps someone has some information that I have not seen.

Best regards,

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA

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