Re: Red Caboose 40ft double door CB&Q boxcar

Paul Hillman

Well gee !!! Another off-shelf-bogus car. Since it's not accurate for CB&Q I can just put one of each door and remain bogus with it, but don't show it to anyone. All of us probably have inaccurate cars on our layouts. Nice looking model though.

Thanks everyone for the info.

Paul Hillman

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What was missed here is that the two 10' IH double-door boxcars from RC have only two prototypes (per Richard Hendrickson). The square-corner car is only good for Soo, and the W-corner is good only for SAL. Everything else is bogus. By the time these 10' IH cars were produced, the unofficial standard for auto cars was 10' 4" or 10' 6".

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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Just acquired a Red Caboose 40ft double door CB&Q boxcar. The kit comes with 2 door types, Youngstown & Superior. Did the CB&Q have any cars with both types on the same side, IE) 1- Youngstown & 1- Superior  ?

I did a photo search & found only cars with 2 Youngstown doors, but they were of models not prototype cars.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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