Re: Red Caboose 40ft double door CB&Q boxcar

Paul Hillman

I thought I had seen prototype photos where Youngstown and Superior doors were on the same side, but that was only from "memory". Guess I might have been wrong. Red Caboose put 4 Youngstown in the kit & 2 Superior, and at first I didn't understand their instructions. I think it turns out that both kinds of doors were for a 1 door car & you could use either type. 2 more Youngstown were added for a 2 door car.

See, ----  after 50 years of modelling a person can STILL be confused. 

Sorry for the confusion.

Paul Hillman

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I highly suspect a model with one of each door (Youngstown and Superior) on the same side would be bogus, regardless of the road name.  These two doors have different door track designs and roller mechanisms.  I see no way they could be interchangeable.

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

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