Re: Making Brass models


I got the address wrong in the last post - here is the correct one (I hope):

Kohs & Company Model Site Directory

Here are some of the better photo/discussions of brass model making in Korea:

U P Challenger (has good construction photos) - click on "project update" and scroll down (backward in time).

N&W Y6a - "project update" has good construction photos of tender.

Union Pacific Type (4-12-2) - "project update" has construction photos plus photos of destruction of all the completed models due to an inaccuracy!

PRR N5/N5b and PRR N5c each have lots of caboose construction photos in their "project updates."

PRR FD-2/FW-1 flat car project (note that there is a DASH in the class series on the Kohs website) has great photos of construction of the brass flatcars and their loads.

C&O H-8/Virginian AG Allegheny - "project update" has photos of the final checking of each model for correctness, etc.

A.T. Kott

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