Re: Securing A Boiler Load On A Flat Car

Bernhard Schroeter

Steve, thank you very much!

Thanks also to all group members STMFC who were interested on my website!
There was the highest number of visitors on my website in last 24 hours - 190 visitors opened 386 pages, a record after I installed a visitor counter two years ago. Thanks!

Bernhard, modelsof1900 -

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Extremely well done



J. Stephen Sandifer


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Sorry, a short addition. Here the gallery with English captions - Galerie – Druckbehälter (English captions)


Galerie – Druckbehälter (English captions)

The gallery to description: - A pressure tank – a very impressive load! -   Return to >>> description Zurück zur Galerie mit deutschen Bildtexten.  

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